Focus of Foundation Grants

The foundation will use its resources to support programs that:

  • Further the mission of the foundation
  • Leverage future impact on the organization and community
  • And are creative, innovative and efficient.

Use of funds

Grants may be used for:

  • Operating expenses
  • Capital expenses
  • Programs and projects

Grant Requests

  • Maximum grant amount. In each of the Foundation’s fiscal years, the maximum grant to any one grantee shall not exceed $150,000.
  • As a general rule, the Foundation will not fund more than 30% of the anticipated cost or budget of any project, program or capital acquisition.
  • Unless otherwise approved by the Trustees, single-year grants for the same program may not be renewed after the third consecutive year, unless there is a one-year break after which the grantee may resubmit for consideration. This limitation shall not, generally, apply to grants to Boys & Girls Clubs. The Foundation may fund the same grantee for a new and/or different program for more than three consecutive years.

Generally, funds may NOT be used for endowment.

Please review the Foundation’s complete Grant Criteria before submitting your online Letter of Inquiry.







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